Pre-Wedding Shoot

“What exactly is a pre-wedding shoot?” I hear you ask.

Good question. It’s basically whatever you want to make of it! We’ve had couples who’ve recreated their first date, gone for a stroll in their favourite park, or gone back to where they got engaged (we’re still holding out for an invite to Dubai or Vegas though – now that would be cool!)

We often hear from couples things like: “We don’t like getting our photo taken”, “I don’t look good in pictures” and “We don’t have any good photos of the two of us together”. We understand that having your photo taken on your wedding day can be nerve-wracking.

Pre-Wedding Shoot - £295

  • Pre-Wedding shoot in location of your choice
  • Usually lasts around 2 hours
  • Photos from your shoot printed in a photo guest book
  • All of your photos to print and share as you like

The beauty of the pre-wedding shoot is that it addresses every concern that you might have. First of all, it proves to you that you actually look pretty damn good in photos, which of course leaves you more relaxed on the big day. To top it all off, you get a bunch of really nice professional photos of the two of you together!

The other bonus is that we get to spend a good wee bit of time together, so you can see how we work and get to know us a bit better – which just makes you so much more comfortable with us on your wedding day.

The photos are all yours, of course, to print and share as you see fit – we find that they can make really good “Save the date” cards, for example.

Your photo guest book

Our photo guest book is a real modern take on a classic!

We design your book using the best photos from your pre-wedding shoot, making sure we leave plenty of blank space too, so your friends and family can leave you messages telling you both how awesome you are.

We bring along your book on your wedding day, and we even throw in a Sharpie so you don’t need to worry about a thing.

Silly Studio

“Who doesn't love dressing up and making a fool of themselves?! Our Silly Studio gives you and your guests the chance to do just that!”

How does it work? Well, we bring along all the fun dressing-up props you’d expect with a photo-booth, but we also set up proper studio lights so we can photograph the fun in outstanding quality – just like a real studio!

Silly Studio Ingliston Country Club

Your photos will be uploaded to a gallery so you and all of your guests can have a good laugh at/with one another. You’ll also get all of the photos on a USB stick to print and share to your heart’s content.

We set up the Silly Studio during dinner, so the fun can commence as soon as you’ve polished off your coffee and cake!


Silly Studio (2hrs) - £250

  • A full box of dress-up props
  • As many visits to the Silly Studio as you like
  • All of your photos uploaded to your very own gallery
Diane Simon Silly Studio

If you have had the silly studio at your wedding, pictures can be viewed here.